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Royal Danish Library- The Black Dimond


During my short trip to Copenhagen I visited The Black Dimond, the extension to the Danish Royal Library on Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen. The name refers to its polished black granite cladding and irregular angles. The black facets mirror the sea and the sky at the waterfront.

The building includes six reading rooms, hall for concerts, theatrical performances and conferences , scientific and literary institutions, exhibition room, a café and a bookshop. The library is open to everyone. The Black Dimond is an outstanding addition to the Royal Library, it represents modernity and progress. The bridge connects The Royal Library with The Black Diamond, tradition with modernity. Despite its modern design, the building fits very beautifully into surroundings. It is a real treasure.

Without a doubt, The Black Dimond is one of the must visit places in Copenhagen



5 thoughts on “Royal Danish Library- The Black Dimond

  1. It is open to everyone so tour around the library is really a nice idea. Then grab a coffee, sit in front of the building and enjoy Copenhagen… unless it is raining 😉


  2. I notice all those bicycles there and I know in many parts of the world people ride them everywhere, but don’t they ever get stolen? How can you afford to keep replacing them if they do. Some bicycles here in the US cost about half what a car does.

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  3. I believe some of them get stolen. I think that almost everyone has a bicycle there so there is no reason to steal 🙂 I noticed that most of those bicycles are quite old, probably not worth much. Besides, Danish people respect each other and have consideration for the community. Maybe this is another reason why only few bicycles get stolen.

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