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Invasion of the Most Sacred by Robert Lovelle Rooks

The Invasion of the Most Sacred is based on true events and sent in 2017.  This is the story about war , espionage, love, betrayal and consequence of the war. invasion
The author created interesting characters: Iranian girls taken into hostage, Muslim terrorists and both good and bad soldiers. Of course, two Iranian girls Yasmeen and Azita are the most distinguished and memorable heroins. Both girls want a good life for themselves. One is more experienced and already lived abroad, the other dreams about life somewhere far away from her hometown. She has rather idealistic view about Western countries and people living there. Unfortunately, before girls find safe place for themselves they are taken into hostage by the terrorists. One of them is raped and whole her world falls apart.
Rooks shows the challenges that soldiers must deal with. It is not easy to be a soldier, to leave your family and then you find out that while you were away, your wife cheated on you. Nevertheless, this is not the biggest problem. The war makes people do the worst things, the war transforms people into monsters. Western media has a tendency to show how soldiers fighting in the Middle East are great and how much they do for the humanity. The author demonstrates  that this is not always the case. The soldier who raped one of the girls is a blatant example that some of Western soldiers commit unforgivable atrocities on local people.
What I really like about the book is focus on culture differences between people. People always are prejudiced and fear things they do not know and often do not understand. This is not only western approach to Muslims but also Muslims’ approach to Americans and Europeans. Both sides have their own perception about the others and it is extremely hard to change it.
The book is also about consequentialism and I would like to say few words about it. Consequentialism is an approach to ethics that claims the morality of an action is conditioned by action’s outcome or consequence. Therefore, morally right action is one that produces good outcome. In other words, the positive end justifies the means (sometimes immoral). The book says that in 2018 the terrorism will be destroyed and Sharia Law will be banned in Muslim countries. Therefore, good end justifies all the atrocities, lost lives and sufferings that have happened during  the war on terror. One might argue that consequences of the war on terrorism has no ethical and moral value because it has not been provided by virtue such as action based on good will. On the other hand, if soldiers think only about the ultimate end they might distant and alienate themselves from their actions and commitments. Consequently, they do not behave like a human beings anymore. I think everyone should judge themselves enormous violation of human rights during war leading to ultimate “better state of affairs”.
According to the story, USA ends the war on terror and bans Sharia Law for purposes of its human right violation. It happens with help of “friends of America” in, for example, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Turkey. This part of the book made me laugh because America and its “friends” themselves partially caused and have supported terrorism. Furthermore, American and their “friends” are not the people who have interest in banning the Sharia Law, they rather take advantage of maintaining it in the Middle East. The most importantly, Sharia Law is Islam and Islam is Sharia Law, therefore my question is: does the author suggest that Islam would be banned with the help of Saudis? Honestly, I expected different approach to the subject.

And, one small comment about the book synopsis. It is very short and does not give any information about the content, and consequently does not encourage to pick it up. The role of synopsis is to show what is special about the book and to convince the potential reader to buy it. If I saw the book in bookstore I would not decide to buy it because the synopsis is unable to sell it. The cover and the tittle are very suitable though.
Although I do not like some elements of the story I still think it is a good book. In my opinion, the good book is one that makes us angry and forces us think and question particular subject or problem. Thanks Robert, you did a great job!
Invasion of the Most Sacred is a fifth novel of Robert Lovelle Rooks, a US Air Force and Army veteran.
The overall rating: 4/5
I received the book from the author in exchange for honest review. 

8 thoughts on “Invasion of the Most Sacred by Robert Lovelle Rooks

  1. This guys has been in the Air force and Army? Did he see war?
    I do know one thing, war is not black and white as you civilians want to portray, you fight in gray if not you loose, you loose the fight which can mean your life. You have to be agressive and I really could care less about those other people in those other countries. You are send there to do a job and period. Get back home and try to be as normal as you can. I hate these political-morality type of crap.
    Sorry just making friends.


  2. Based on your review I rate this book as pure CIA propaganda already and I would not read it. If it isn’t deliberate propaganda, if the author actually believes what s/he writes, that is incomprehensible naivety that flies in the face of all evidence to the contrary. The “West” certainly has no moral high ground to “fix” anything for Muslims. These must, they will, fix their own problems or they will destroy themselves by their own internal violence. America is full into free fall from its political corruption; it’s gross economic disparities; it’s own internal violence that can only increase as the police state seeks to fully establish itself before it is too late. America is pure poison to the rest of the world.

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  3. In the book, the president of USA admits that country has many domestic problems but intervenes in other parts of the world.
    I am not sure why the author makes America the country that wins (with help of others) the war on terror. Maybe he wants to show there is still a hope to do things right.
    My problem with USA is that they caused terrorism and have supported it. The interventions in the Middle East have not been done in a good faith. I hope that people who believe in good intentions of America will open their eyes eventually.


  4. I think you did not get my point.I say that it is hypocrisy when the country produces terrorists and then sends soldiers to kill people and then they die or their lives are broken. Also, taking money from Saudi Arabia and still claiming to fight terrorism is ridiculous!

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  5. You’ve got it, it’s how it is. These US-based globalists have been systematically gutting the infrastructure of the country (USA) to expand their empire, but it’s going to cost them dearly. They gutted too long, and too deeply. If the “Trumpian” economic recovery is to mean anything he’ll have to end the funny money era and that will mean the end of the empire. The non-Americans who naively believe in even one good intention from that country should listen to Putin talk to (and dress-down) American “presstitutes” (OK, journalists!)

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  6. Let’s wait and see what Trump is going to do. Although I do not agree with some of his ideas, I think he deserves the chance to prove himself.


  7. Hi Patrisya. I tend to observe and now always wary of anything about what has happened since 9/11. It seems life changed after that and I do not trust anything anymore just what really is the truth! Thank you for liking my poem “Exist!” Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.


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