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My reading personality and dirty little secrets

Recently I have realized I have more than 200 followers. I would like to say thank you to all people who follow and read my blog!!

At this occasion, I would like to tell you something more my reading personality and my dirty little secrets.

Compulsive Reader

Wherever I go and whatever I do, there is always book with me. You wouldn’t find lipstick or mascara in my bag but definitely you would find a book. Even when I am sure that I wouldn’t have time for reading, I carry it with me anyways. Who knows, maybe I could spare 5 minutes for reading while I am on the bus. When I travel, I take 3-4 books with me although I know I would have limited time to read. But it doesn’t matter, it is better to have a book next to you rather than not to have at all. Recently, I have become progressive reader because….finally I got a Kindle!!!!! So now, both beautiful paper book and little cute Kindle travel around witmh me.

Conscientious Reader

I must admit that nonfiction is what I love! When a book has a purpose and a meaning I am thrilled. Of course, I need to learn something. I do not read just for reading. Reading a book without importance and ideals is just waste of time. Just think, how enlightening it is to read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography or Christopher Hitchens’s memoirs! Simply delightful.

I confess, I am Moody Reader sometimes!

Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I get bored with the book before I actually read it. It happens that on Monday I feel like reading classics, while on Tuesday I would go for autobiography. And my shameful bookshelf… half- filled with books that I have not read yet. Ohhh, don’t blame me for that, it’s books’ fault! All of them look so deliciously good in bookshops. When I am about to read book A, book B comes into the picture. So I read book B and book A ends up unread on the bookshelf.

No, no no! I am not Trend Reader

If everyone likes the book it does not mean I will read it. I won’t rush to bookstore or I won’t order it from Amazon just because most of readers praise some new release. When time comes and I feel that I want to read I will. It might be one, two or five years after publication because there is no time limit for happy reader. There are also “celebrity books” that become bestsellers not because of the rich and valuable content but thanks to money and great PR. Definitely they are not for me, not even if you pay me.

When I visit second- hand bookshops, I always look for something rather old and something I never heard about. There are many unknowns or forgotten books that deserve attention and coverage.

The only releases that I might be crazy about are Political Science studies. Cass Mudde and Hanspeter Kriesi are my favorite scholars, and their books are more precious than anything else. I might say I am Academic Trend Reader.

This was my bookish confession. Don’t judge me. You also have dirty little secrets, reader!

32 thoughts on “My reading personality and dirty little secrets

  1. I could only judge you with the utmost respect after those confessions, you really do have the best ideas. I agree with you about not being a trend reader, the more people praise a book, the more wary of how good they actually are, I become. Finding obscure books is much more fun than following the crowd.

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  2. Many of those less known books that I find in second- hand bookstores become my favorites. I don’t want to generalize but some of the “commercial” publications don’t have any meaning or purpose.

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  3. I think many of us are moody readers. Our mood affects our reading and choices. And, when so many good books are available it is hard to pick one 🙂 On the other hand, sometimes it depends on the book itself. After few pages we realize this isn’t what we would like to read at the moment.


  4. I too carry the books, even am not sure about getting time to get lost myself in books.. and Thank you Patrisya 🙂 you are special My 2oo th Follower, Thanks a ton! 🙂


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  5. I don’t think I am a trend reader, but I do like to know what is going on in the book world, in the same way some like to be aware of fashion trends, I like to follow the trends of the book world – and then totally follow my own instinct. So I’ll follow the awards and the new publications, but will rarely be influenced by them.

    Compared to the past when we could only choose books based on what was available in the bookshop or the library and found out about others from the literature pages of the weekend newspaper, my reading has changed enormously. My desires haven’t changed, just the ability to find what I was hoping for. And it thanks to readers who blog and tweet about their reading that this has evolved, as well as being able to access reviews on Goodreads for a quick insight.

    I like fiction and creative non-fiction (mostly nature writing or essays and certain worthy memoir, biography) and I like to read or see things from other perspectives than what I am familiar with, so I’m always attracted by books written from within cultures where English isn’t the dominant language – in the past that would be a limited selection of books from second generation immigrants who wrote in English, but now there are more and more books being translated, I’m kind of binge reading translations and will eventually settle somewhere in the middle.

    I have a particular attraction currently to the work of women authors from the West Indies/Caribbean region, of the books I have read from that region, nearly all of them have qualities that make me want to continue reading them and some of them are among my favourite reads for the year, just recently I read Simone Schwarz Bart’s The Bridge of Beyond which was for me stunning and exactly what I love to discover in a book.

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  6. I also like to read books written by authors from different countries and cultures. Fortunately, today we can find so many good books translated to English and other languages. Local writers give different perspective. For example, when I was searching for books on Apartheid in South Africa I was selecting South African authors rather than British or Dutch.

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  7. Yes, I think that’s really important, we’ve had such a proliferation of a one-sided perspective, the background and experience of the writer for me are really important, without that awareness, and action to balance it, we are just giving in to creating a stronger unconscious bias.

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  8. So cool to see all the comments from people who aren’t trend readers 🙂
    All my friends think that because I read a lot that I should be the one knowing about the latest hit on the Richard and Judy book club list, which isn’t really what I like.
    I like your confession about being a non-fiction reader too. I read a lot of history, but like you I will flit about and change interests quite quickly.

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  9. Hi, I am so happy that you like my post. Bookstores are full of new releases but I never buy them. I don’t feel the need to follow the trends and to read what everyone is reading.


  10. Hello,
    Thank you so much. I’m a beginning blogger. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my blogs of my passions soon.


  11. I loved reading your reading confession and getting to know a little more about you! It sounds like there are more of us out there than I originally thought…!

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  12. I used to think I was the only one that had bookish secrets. Now, when I have my book blog I am positively surprised there are so many people with similar reading preferences.

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  13. Never judge! Though I’m slow at learning that lesson. Why is it so easy to be judgemental? Technology hasn’t caught me up yet and I don’t have a Kindle, but a book… always! Thanks for your visit. 🙂

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  14. Hello! I got Kindle for myself but it did not revolutionized my reading habits. I still prefer paper books. It is nice to have Kindle but you are not missing much, if you don’t have it. 😊 Regards!

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  15. Hi Patrisya,

    Likewise, I also love reading books. As it so happens, at the moment I am in the middle of reading “A Beautiful Mind” by Sylvia Nasar. This book was the inspiration for the movie of the same name, although the movie portrays a very different picture of who John Nash really was. I have found the real story to be both very interesting and shocking. Understandably, Nash was at a huge disadvantage, battling his terrible illness and eventually overcoming it. However, as brilliant as he was, he was not a nice person. I can understand why the movie was done as it was. However it is only by reading that one can discover the full and complete truth.

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  16. I so agree with you on feeling like reading a different genre every day. That’s the reason why I have so many books open at page 21 in my house! I’m fickle. Second hand bookshops are great. I live near a super cheap bookshop and often bring back home with me fifteen books or so. It’s good to find the undiscovered classics. So many bestsellers are all hype and forgotten soon enough.

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  17. Good to know others have the same issues! For example, I have been reading some historical fiction book for a couple of days but today I have found two really good books in univ library on Hannah Arendt ‘political thoughts and I have brought them home. I am struggling now to finish the first book and then read the new ones! I moved to Izmir in Turkey and unfortunately there aren’t too many second hand bookstores selling English books.

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  18. Unfortunately I have not read this book yet. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    I agree with you that only by reading one can discover the full and complete truth. Even the best made movie cannot show the real beauty of the book.


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