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My 10 favorite quotes from Scandinavian crime fiction books

I am a big enthusiast of brilliant Scandinavian writers, who in exceptional way present the dark side of human nature. The plot construction, damaged characters, historical and cultural elements make their books extraordinary. Particularly, I appreciate work of Stieg Larson, Jo Nesbo and Henning Mankell. Today’s post is devoted to my 10 favorite quotes from books written by those three talented authors

1# “I can be a regular bitch. Just try me” Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon TatStieg_Larsson[1]too

2# “It did no good to cry, she had learned that early on. She had also learned that every time she tried to make someone aware of something in her life, the situation just got worse. Consequently it was up to her to solve her problems by herself, using whatever methods she deemed necessary” Stieg Larson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

3# “Isn’t it fascinating that Nazis always manage to adopt the word freedom?” Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

4# “Always retain the ability to walk away, without sentimentality, from a situation that felt unmanageable. That was a basic rule of survival. Don’t lift a finger for a lost cause” Stieg Larsson,The Girl Who Played with Fire

5# “What is worse? Taking the life of a person who wants to live or taking death from a person who imagesJ895QEQVwants to die” Jo Nesbo, The Snowman

6# “Many people believe that right and wrong are fixed absolutes. That is incorrect, they change over time. The job of the historian is primarily to find the historical truth, to look at what the sources say and present them, objectively and dispassionately. If historians were to stand in judgment on human folly, our work would seem to posterity like fossils – the remnants of the orthodoxy of their time” Jo Nesbo, The Redbreast

7# “Justice doesn’t only mean that the people who commit crime are punished. It also means that we can never give up seeking the truth” Henning Mankell, Faceless KillerHenning_Mankell_3_2011_Shankbone[1]

8# “When one historical period is replaced by another, there is always a group of people left over from the old society” Henning Mankell, The Dogs of Riga

9# “Society had grown cruel. People who felt they were unwanted or unwelcome in their own country, reacted with aggression. There was no such thing as meaningless violence. Every violent act had a meaning for the person who committed it. Only when you dared accept this truth could you hope to turn society in another direction” Henning Mankell, The Dogs of Riga

10# “History isn’t just something that’s being us, it’s also something that follows us” Henning Mankell, The Troubled Man




























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