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Bookish horror!!!

Sometimes horrible things happen to the booklover. Things that only other booklovers can understand.

When my husband was preparing for business trip, he asked me to lend him one of my books. He is not a booklover, therefore I wanted to give him interesting and absorbing book that would caught his attention from the first page. So I gave him my beloved Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Before his departure, I repeated multiple times that he should take care of the book and bring it home safe and sound. Needless to say that I had the gut feeling that something bad was going to happen to my treasured b20151119_134332[1]ook.

After my husband arrived to his destination he said that something really bad happened and begged me not to get angry. Here was what happened to The Snowman. After plane had touched down, my husband left laptop and the book on his seat and was trying to collect his hand luggage. In a short moment of inattention, The Snowman was gone in mysterious way! Nobody knew what happened, nobody seen anything!

I felt like somebody kidnapped my child. I do not have kids, but I assume if I had one I would feel like this…  terrified, scared, angry and powerless. There was nothing that I could do. There isn’t any booklovers police that I could call and tell them that some heartless person committed bookish crime.

The book was neither priceless nor rare. I bought it in second hand book store but this was my beloved book though… it had torn cover and a beautiful old book smell.  Ohhh, The Snowman and I been through so much together! Evenings of passionate reading and fear to switch off the light afterword! I was covering the book with other books before I went to the bed because I did not want to see those penetrating eyes of the woman on the cover. And, I always was watching the entrance door, the killer would come anytime!

Till today, I am asking myself, what kind of person could steal somebody’s book? Without a doubt, that person was not a booklover. A real booklover would never do that.  That thief was selfish and heartless book criminal. Every booklover knows what kind of feeling it is when you lose your beloved book.

So this is my message to that heartless book thief, whoever and wherever he is…

You deprived me of something so precious. You took from me not only a piece of paper, but you also kidnapped my dear companion, Harry Hole! Even if I buy identical copy of The Snowman, it won’t be the same. Despite all negative feelings that arouse in me after this horrible incident, I decided to forgive you. I hope you enjoyed the Snowman as much as I did. Be good for this book, it really deserves it…

And, small advice to everybody. Never lend your books! Terrible things might happen if you do!

15 thoughts on “Bookish horror!!!

  1. I feel your pain! I would rather go and buy a new copy of a book to give to somebody than part with my own, the rare times that I do, the recipient gets a checklist of dos and dont’s so they have no excuse for damaging or losing it.

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  2. Finally somebody understands me. Once, my friend gave me one of her books as a Christmas gift. I decided to buy her new book rather than give one from my own collection!

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  3. I am sure it is a wonderful sentiment to give a loved book to a friend but really I can’t do it, Our copies have memories and are the perfect size and cover. To have the spines broken is particular hate.

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  4. My best friend and I do not live close to each other at all and swap books every time we see each other. We understand The Rules. However there was one time where time between visits was so long that I didn’t get my series back. And she adored it like I knew she would. I got an omnibus of the books to re-read as a place holder. Well when she found out I had another copy, she asked to keep “the old ones.” I said yes cause I love her. But to this day I want “my” versions back. But I believe you do not take back gifts. And it does seem silly when I have copies. But still. I feel your pain.
    x The Captain

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  5. Lending books is always risky. You never know if you are going to get the book back. And if you don’t get it back…that “bookish pain” is so horrible.


  6. My Gosh! I would be sad and angry too… I think I’d rather buy someone a book than lend my copy. I’m pretty sure you’re better now. Nice read. Not a joking stuff.


  7. When you lend a book to someone, you have to tell yourself that you are giving it away. In other words, only lend a book you are happy to send out on a grand adventure and don’t expect it back. Detach from it. Then if it ever comes back, what a joy!

    As for favourites, I buy multiple copies, because they are always the books I want people to read,favourites are meant to passed on and read by more people, not allowed to get dusty and lonely on the shelf among less interesting books.

    Loved this post, it made me laugh a lot and reminded me how much I have changed, I am free of suffering from books, unlike in my youth.

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  8. Hi, thank you for your comment. Although I am 30 now, I still suffer if something happens to my beloved books 🙂 My colleague told me she realized recently that her friend borrowed book from her 3 years ago and never gave it back. Lending books always ends up the same way.

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